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Remember the time that you were truly excited about work?

Meet your next employee of the month

Lefthoek offers AI powered virtual team members devoted to information management




Don't repeat yourself

New members constantly join and leave your organization. You are growing and that's awesome.

But there is a flipside: every new member seems to asks the same questions. Requiring substantial time and resources from the rest of your team.

What if you could hire a dedicated team member that registers previous asked questions and recalls them when they pop up again?

Lefthoek is that team member.

Everyone on the same page

Messaging apps play a valuable role in your work. But managing the constant streams of information often feels like a fulltime job.

People are online at different times and in different places. And the hand-off usually comes down to you.

Lefthoek uses artificial intelligence to keep track and organize all things said. Meaning that the first day after your next vacation won't start with a backlog of thousands of messages.

Lefthoek already did it for you.

Get a broader picture

The best thing about a great team is that they constantly share exciting articles and videos with each other. Problem is that no-one ever has time to process them.

Lefthoek solves this problem. All links posted are read, contextualized, and augmented.

What are the most important keywords? Your virtual team member will find it out. Want to read similar articles? Lefhoek has got you covered too.

Your tailor-made knowledge archive is thus gradually built over time. And no-one has to do any extra work.

Anyone but Lefthoek of course.

No-one's quite like Lefthoek

Our virtual team member is a great fit for every culture

  • Loyal

    Our virtual team member is available all day everyday, does not go on holidays, and never takes a sick day. Whenever you need it, it's willing and able to help you out, and then some.

  • Discrete

    You don't want all your team's conversation to end up somewhere in the cloud. Of course! That's why, Lefthoek's AI runs on your own servers or even a Raspberry PI.

  • Different

    Afraid that computers will take your job? Don't be! Automation is meant to take over tasks that humans cannot or won't do. Lefthoek is designed to make your work more meaningful.

  • Bespoke

    Your company and domain knowledge are unique. Lefthoek understands this. Talk to us! Tell us what you need, We'll make sure that your virtual team member gets tailor-made.

  • 3


    Lefthoek gets better continuously. Your virtual team member will learn more and more about your business as time progresses. And you don't have to do anything.

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